Start Here | Welcome to Chinese Breeze!

Hi and welcome to Chinese-Breeze! Whether you are new to Chinese language or you’re deep into your studies, the goal of this website is to be an invaluable resource of Chinese language strategies and tools.

Kevin from Chinese Breeze on the Great Wall of China

But perhaps we should start with an introduction. My name is Kevin and I started learning Chinese first in 2009 as a student at CU Boulder.

After getting hooked on learning Chinese, I visited China in summers 2010 and 2011 through study abroad and later moved to Urumqi, Xinjiang in 2013 where I taught English for four years.

Throughout that time, becoming fluent in Chinese was always my #1 goal and I have tried endless language strategies to bring that goal to fruition. As I now consider myself a fluent speaker, my new goal is to help you succeed in learning Mandarin Chinese.

Enough about me. On this page, I’m going to walk you through all resources available to you on this website broken out by subject matter.

What You Need – Getting Started

Getting started learning Chinese will take lots of motivation on your part as well a solid game plan to ensure you fulfill your learning goals. The articles below will help you do both.

What You Need – Improving Your Listening

Learning a foreign language starts with listening and it is something you can do everywhere! Though improving your listening is not as simple as putting on your headphones and pressing play on your mobile device. The guide below will offer you helpful tips to improve your listening today.

What You Need – Pronunciation and Speaking in Mandarin

Although Mandarin sounds extremely foreign at first, once you have a feel for the sounds, your friends will be shocked at your newfound abilities at speaking the language. To jumpstart your studies in pronunciation and speaking, I recommend the guides below.

What You Need – Reading and Writing in Chinese Characters

Learning to read and write in Chinese characters is arguably the hardest part of Chinese. But it is not impossible and it offers so much cultural insight into Chinese civilization. Use the guides below to help you get started: