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Hi and welcome to Chinese-Breeze! As seasoned students of Chinese, our goal is to help beginners jump-start learning by introducing the best resources and strategies for studying Mandarin.

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About the Chinese Breeze Authors:

Josh Summers: Josh has lived in China since 2006. Since then, Josh has taught English, studied Mandarin at university, and now has his own business in western China.  Apart from helping beginning Chinese learners here on Chinese-Breeze, Josh also offers advice to travelers on TravelChinaCheaper and FarWestChina.


Kevin Peters: Kevin started learning Chinese in 2009 and later visited Beijing in 2010 as part of an intensive Chinese language study abroad program. Following graduating from university, Kevin was determined to become fluent in Mandarin and moved to Urumqi, Xinjiang in 2013 to study independently while teaching English. After spending close to four years in Xinjiang, Kevin relocated back to the US and now lives in New York City.


Dan Poole: Dan is the original founder of Chinese-Breeze. Hailing from Melbourne, Dan started learning Chinese in university and spent a semester studying the language at Nanjing University.