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At my host family’s house in Brittany, France

I’m gonna go ahead and pretend you care about my life.

Welcome to Chinese-Breeze!

This is where I’m going to document my language learning adventure with Chinese. And provide all you lucky people with my indispensable advice! *cool your jets, it’s sarcasm*

Why am I writing all this? Who do I think I am? 

Firstly, because I love the sound of my own voice! Or writing, or whatever.

Actually, no. Although it may seem that way, I am writing this blog equally to benefit those attempting to learn this amazing but troublesome language, and as a travel blog to record my time in China for my friends and family, and for myself to read back over when I’m old and senile.

I am probably not remotely qualified to tell you how to learn Chinese specifically, however, I do have a fair bit of experience with learning other languages. I can currently speak English, French, Spanish, and Chinese with varying ability.


I'm in Paris, bitch!

I’m in Paris, bitch!

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