About Me

Full-time student/language-learner/waiter/musician/traveler

My name is Dan.

I’m a University student from Melbourne, Australia, studying Law and Arts with a Chinese major.

I’ve been in love with languages ever since I spent a semester living with a French family back in High School. I think everyone should speak another language. It will expand your mind, improve your job prospects, get you more friends, get you babes (if you speak a cool language), and more. The benefits are infinite. I can speak English, French, Spanish, and Chinese, with varying ability.

I believe that enjoying the learning process and engaging with the target language’s culture is the key to properly learning it.

This blog will document my experience learning Chinese, my techniques, resources, inspiration, and, later, when I’m in China for a semester – cultural tidbits about the country’s amazing, and amazingly different, culture.

For more, see my longer introduction in my first post here.

You can contact me on [email protected] 

Check out how sweet my life is, guys! Guys?

Check out how sweet my life is, guys! Guys?


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