Have you ever wanted to learn another language, but don’t know where to start, how long it will take or if it’s even possible?

You’ve come to the right place. Chinese-Breeze is your language guru. It will guide you through the process: providing tips, tricks and helpful resources along the way whilst documenting my own personal journey learning Chinese. Although this blog is centred around learning Mandarin Chinese, 95% percent of what is discussed is applicable to any language.

Curious about China? Me too!

I spent the first half of 2014 travelling around China, and spent a semester studying at Nanjing University. Consequently, the blog is split three ways: with a language learning corner on one side, a China cultural tidbits corner on the other (where I will talk about the peculiarities of life in China) and a  video series in Chinese that will serve both as a way to see how my Chinese is progressing and as a way of finding out what I’ve been doing!

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